Fixing a G2 Pull Start Assembly.


If your pull start unit is not retracting, most likely the metal coil inside the unit has come off the anchor point inside the unit. The fix is very simple but requires some coordination to wind the metal coil without it popping out. The G2 assembly looks like this:


Step 1) Remove unit from engine (4 screws) and lie on large flat table with pulley up.


Step 2) Undo the knot in rope on handle and remove pull handle


Step 3) Undo center screw and washer and remove pulley. Be careful as spring can unwind quickly if it is not already unwoumd.


Step 4) Hold center lead of coil on table and alternate between pulling and wrapping to get coil wrapped to diameter less than pulley diameter.


Step 5) Clip coil outside hook on coil into anchor point on outside edge of the pulley and push the coil on the pulley so it is held inside the outside edges of the pulley. 


Step 6) Holding coil so that it does not pop off, bend the inside hook of the coil so that it is really close to the inside hole on the pulley if it is not already. While making sure that coil stays in place, wrap the pull chord counter-clockwise looking from top of pulley (opposite side to coil), and clip the end of the pull rope into the gap on the edge of the pulley.


Step 7) The inside hook of the pulley has to grab the anchor point on the housing. Put pulley back into housing with the inside hook on coil just clockwise from the housing anchor point and push down fully into the housing. While keeping the pulley firmly bedded in the housing, rotate the pulley counter clockwise in the housing until you feel that the inside hook of the coil has grabbed the anchor point. If it doesn't work first time, try rotating pulley clockwise, and then going slowly back counter-clockwise until the inside hook grabs the anchor point. You may have to remove the pulley and bend the inside hook closer to the pulley center hole if you cannot get the hook to grab. 


Step 8) Keeping pulley firmly bedded in housing with one hand, rotate the pulley counter clockwise about 4-6 times to get more tension on the spring. Then while keeping

pulley in place, unclip the pull chord from the clip on pulley and push through the hole in housing. Slid end of chord through pull start handle and tie figure 8 knot. 




Step 9) Put washer and screw back on center of pulley. Do not tighten screw too much as it will stop pulley from moving. Replace on engine.