What to do if you are getting a squealing/clicking noise as you engine turns over, or it feels like your engine is locked (cannot turn engine with pull chord):


Fix #2

It is also possible that the lock is caused is caused by clutch - to - engine housing bolts that are slightly too long, pushing against flywheel and making noise, or, in some cases, blocking engine rotation. There is no damage and a simple washer will solve the problem. See below for details.


Step 1) Loosen (by 1 turn) all 4 hex bolts that secure the cone shaped clutch housing to the engine. Try pulling on pull start. If engine now moves, go to step 2. If engine still does not turn, then contact us for replacement. 


Step 2) One at a time, remove bolts, add 1 washer, and then retighten in unit. With all 4 retightened, test pull chord to make sure engine turns.