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Why is this so cheap? There must be something wrong with it?

We would be happy to charge you more but the price is low for the following reasons:

a) We bring this in directly from the factory. We dont have expensive retail overhead.

b) The YardShape line is not well known - yet. Most of the other similar products like Stihl are charging extra for the name. Our price is still at a level that we want you to try it, like it,  and then tell the next person.


Who makes this and where is it made?

We bring these in direct from the factory. We work with the factory to produce a product that meets our high quality specifications. The parts are manufactured in China just like almost all other brands including Stihl, Shindaiwa, Tanaka etc.


What is the quality?

The products are designed for heavy-duty use. Many professional Landscapers are putting thousands of hours on their YardShape machines. 

Is this product new or used?
Brand new. All products in our inventory are Brand New and come new in their retail box unless otherwise advertised.


Where can I see this before I buy?
We have demo units in our factory outlet in North Vancouver BC. If you are not close, we have all details including specifications, pictures, video, and reviews on our web site. 


How can I find out how much it costs to ship?

We ship with Canada Post/US Postal Service. Because our packages are usually quite large (over 28 lbs), this service is very economical and reliable. You can get the exact shipping to your home without making an account by adding the item to the shopping cart on our site and then clicking "shipping estimate". Details are at Click here find out how to make a Quick Shipping Estimate  Shipping costs and choices are also calculated for you during the order process and you will see your shipping cost before you get to the payment section.

Where can I pay with Discover Card or Amex?
You can pay with Discover Card or Amex but it is a little harder to find. When choosing the payment option, choose the Paypal option, and once you are taken to the Paypal page there will be a link that says "Dont have a Paypal account?". This will take you to a page where you can pay with all the different credit cards including Discover and Amex.


Where can I view my order and tracking information?
Order details such as the item purchased, the total amount due for your purchase, tracking information, and other information can be located on our website by logging into your account.

Where do you ship?

Everywhere but most customers are in the US and Canada..

How long does it take for items to arrive?
There are a couple of options. The most popular choice is the Expedited Business Parcel delivery which has a service standard of 1 to 7 business days for shipments within Canada, and 4 to 8 business days for shipments to the USA. There is also an Xpresspost option that costs more but has a faster service standard of 3 to 5 business days. While some packages arrive quickly, some may take the maximum time indicated in the service standard. Once shipped, Multi Power Tools cannot influence the speed of delivery. Customs may also open, inspect, and repackage the item (usually not as well as when it was shipped).

What happens if there is a repair issue?

We have all parts and can replace or repair all of the product. If you have a technical issue, we can usually solve the problem quickly by email or phone. If we determine that a replacement part is required, we will request that you send us back the defective part and we will send a replacement. If it is not a simple external part that is easy to replace/diagnose yourself, we can send you a complete assembly to replace the problem section. In cases such a engine failure, we may ask you to return us the defective part for repair Your local service shop can also do repairs and contact us for parts.


Will the Multi-Cutter attachments work with other brands?

Most brands have their own coupling system for attachments. We use 26mm tube and a 9 tooth drive shaft. We have some customers tell us they have used our products with other brands but we cannot confirm if this is possible. For details about our coupling system, please see pictures at http://multipowertools.com/images-out/gallery/DSC01017.JPG and http://multipowertools.com/images-out/gallery/DSC02833.JPG .

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  Saturday 24 February, 2018